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Our beliefs and values inspire us to pursue and achieve our goals with highest quality standars. It is about a career path striving to be the best at whatever we do.

Why work at SACDE?

We stand out as a company that fosters development and the construction of large-scale projects essential for our country’s growth and social integration.

At SACDE, we believe that organizational success goes hand in hand with the achievements of each of our teams, our most valuable capital. Enhancing their skills and promoting their growth is one of our corporate strategy’s cornerstones.

Young professionals

Be part of a team that will provide you the tools and opportunities to enhance your development.

Experienced professionals

We value the expertise and background of professionals who have successfully worked on high-complexity projects like the ones executed at SACDE.

Qualified technicians

We are looking for graduates from technical schools to join our projects to give them head start toward development through dynamic learning experiences.