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Flagship projects

Energía Eléctrica

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Brigadier López Thermal Power Station

Engineering, supply, civil works, installation and start- up of Thermal Power Station, Nominal Power 280 MW. LAT 132 kV E.M. Bridadier López to S.E. Santo Tomé.

Santa Fe Province

Expansion 132 kv. Perito Moreno- Los Antiguos.

Civil engineering, supply and construction of 60 km of high-voltage lines (132 kv), section Perito Moreno –  Los Antiguos and the construction of their transforming stations of 132/33/13,2 kv, respectively.

Province of Santa Cruz ​

“Esperanza” Electrical Substation

Construction, Operation and Maintenance of “Esperanza” Electrical Substation. It includes the interconnection Pico Truncado – Río Turbio – Río Gallegos– El Calafate, with a 500/220 kV-300 MVA line and a 220/132 kV – 100 MVA line.

Santa Cruz Province

Ensenada de Barragán Thermal Power Station

Engineering, supply and installation of two latest generation turbines in Open Cycle including the auxiliary equipment of Nominal Power 560 Mw
Nominal Power 840 Mw in Open Cycle to Combined Cycle.

Buenos Aires Province

Fuel Elements Pools – Atucha II

Nuclear Power Plant
Construction of fuel elements pools in UFA building - Atucha II NPP and electrical intalation service supply.

Buenos Aires Province

Comahue - Cuyo Interconnection (LICCSA)

Construction and interconnection of 188 km of LAT 500 kV and 7 km of 220 kV, Electric Power Station of 500 kV “Río Diamante” and enlargement of Electric Power Stations “Gran Mendoza” and “Los Reyunos” to 500 kV.

Mendoza Province

NEA-NOA Interconnection (LINSA)

Construction and assembly LAT 500 kV of 572 km and Electric Power Stations 500/132kV and enlargement of Resistencia Electric Power Station 500 kV.

Chaco and Formosa Provinces

Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant - UTA & UTL Buildings

Services of Engineering, supply and assembly, start- up of UTA and UTL systems.

Buenos Aires Province

“El Bracho“ Thermal Power Station

Project, Supply, Construction, Assembly, Start-up, Supervision of operation and maintenance of “El Bracho” Thermal Power Station, Nominal Power 113.8 Mw.

Tucumán Province

Rincón Santa María – Rodríguez Interconnection (LIMSA)

Construction, operation and maintenance of the transmission system at 500 kV, linked to the Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power Plant, North Sub- section. Construction and assembly L.A.T. 500 kV and 132 kV, Electrical Substations of 500/132 kV in Santa María, Mercedes and San Isidro.

Misiones and Corrientes Provinces

Luján – San Luis Electrical Substation

Engineering, civil Works and Construction of Electrical Substations: 500/132 kV – 150 MVA in Luján and San Luis. Post enlargement of Electrical Substation Luján to 300 MVA

San Luis Province

Urugua-í Hydroelectric Project

Construction of Dam with Roller-Compacted- Concrete (RCC). Execution of Works of water capture and water conduction with a capacity of 160 m3/sec. and thermal power station of 2x60 MW.

Misiones Province

Yacyretá Hydrolectric Power Station

Execution of main civil Works at the Yacyretá

Hydrolelectric Dam on Paraná River. Argentina – Paraguay

Yacyretá Hydroelectric Power Station Transmission System (LITSA)

Construction and assembly L.A.T 500 kV, 593 km, Rincón Santa María Electrical Substation 132 kV and enlargement of Salto Grande Electrical Substation 500 kV.

Misiones, Corrientes and Entre Ríos Provinces